Classic Reviews

Bob K.
Friendly people, quality work.

Carmen K.
Carmen said Scott does a great job.

Bryan N.
Bryan said the work was done and it was done quickly. They fit him into an appointment, which he appreciated.

Myrtle W.
Myrtle said she is a regular customer. The staff at this business does great work and provided great customer service with no rip offs.

Mike K.
Spoke with Sharon. She said they have always been good and they do a good job. She likes the work and they offer reasonable prices.

Winnie S.
Winnie says the business is great. She hopes they keep up the good work. She loves going there.

Lisa M.
Lisa said the service was quick and the price was great. She has already referred them.

Cole K.
Cole said the business was easy to work with and easy to communicate with. They got the job done quickly.

Steve C.
Connie said the business always does an awesome job.

Susan B.
quick and easy

Barry M.
Spoke with Barry's wife. She said the business always does good work and they are very reliable. She goes to them all the time.

Ed C.
They were there when I needed them.

Bob K.
Bob said the business was ready for his 9:00 am appointment. They were easy to work with and were professional. He likes the mechanic, the way he was treated and the way they communicate with him.

Bud S.
Bud said the business if efficient. They did a good job and he was very satisfied.

Ken A.
Ken said Scotty is great and the facility is clean. He will be going to the business exclusively.

Mary H.
Mary said they did a great job and it was done on time, which she really appreciates. This was her first time at this facility and it will not be her last.

Mike C.
While talking to Scott Taylor about problems with your vehicle, he tells you what he thinks it is even if it is a less expensive fix than you thought it was. The work is done on time and your vehicle is in good condition when you get it back. I have used other shops that leave your vehicle with broken clips and non working items when you get your vehicle back. I now bring my whole family to Taylor's Service Center.

Jeff H.
Jeff said this is the place he always take his vehicles to for service.

Bradley M.
Bradley said they did a great job.

Rich C.
Rich said the business provided good service, the prices were reasonable and the staff was also nice.

Terry S.
Terry said the business provides fine service.

Betty H.
Betty said her friend takes her vehicle to the business for her because he takes his there as well.

Jim G.
Jim said the business always does what they say they will do and they never try to take advantage of him.

Crystal K.
Taylor's has and will always be our favorite service center!

Marshall B.
Marshall said he liked the business because they gave good service.

Samantha K.
Samantha said she has been going to this business for years and they are her go to place for any type of service.

Fran P.
Fran said she had a good experience there.

T.J. A.
T.J. said the service was good and the prices were fair. This is a great place to do business.

John V.
Spoke with Lydia. She said she is always satisfied with the service at the business.

Brent K.
Brent said the service was good, they got him in on time and it was done quickly.

Greg M.
Greg said he was satisfied with the service provided by the business.

Phil S.
My husband and I have been customers of Scott and Kim Taylor for over 15 years. Wouldn't consider any one else for our auto needs!

Chad K.
quick turn around time

Sean W.
Sean said the only thing bad about the business was they could not get his vehicle in, until the following week. Overall, they did everything well and they provided good work.

Woody B.
Woody said he was happy with everything.

Oliver K.
Oliver said they did good service.

David W.
Spoke with David's daughter. She said the service at the business was prompt and they explain everything. They provided transportation to pick up customers and they are kind.

Ruth M.

Ron L.
As always, the service was quick and efficient. It was completed before expected.

Todd D.
Spoke with Virginia. She said the employees at this business are very nice and the service is always completed on time.

Denny S.
Denny said he has known the employees there for awhile.

Rob L.
Rob said the business did a good job and fixed his vehicle right.

Brian W.
Really appreciate the customer service, the great work, and small town feeling of caring about the customers.

Gerald R.
Done right and on time

Timothy R.
Timothy said the business got him right in, and out.

John B.
Was done in a timely matter, good conversation,

Elizabeth M.
Spoke with Anne. She said this business is honest and thorough.

Scott H.
Scott said the business provided great service and the staff was good.

Mary W.
Mary said she always does a great job.

Arlene F.
Arlene said the business followed through everything they said they would do.

Ross B.
Ross said they do a good job. They are honest and accurate and he has gone there a long time.

Meagan S.
Meagan said they always do a good job and the prices are good.

Charlie H.
Charlie said this business fixed the problem he had with his vehicle at a good price. He had no problems with them.

Jasper M.
Jasper said he has had a good overall experience at this business.

Lois R.
Lois said the business does well.

Mel F.
Mel said the business is better than best.

Gary K.
Gary said they did a good job.

Becky F.
Taylor's bailed me out again! I dropped my car off without an appointment, and they were able to diagnose and complete my repair quickly for a good price. Thank you so much.

Monty H.
Monty said this business is affordable, convenient, and they really care.

Allen H.
Scott is a very competent mechanic, friendly & courteous

Carol S.
Would not take my car anywhere else?

Michael H.
Michael said the business is good and he would go back anytime.

Jim G.
Jim said Taylor is the most honest mechanic he knows and he would not take his vehicle anywhere else for service.

Laura W.
Laura said this business was extremely friendly and nice.

Andrew B.
Great friendly service during my inspection. Great atmosphere.

Scott S.
Local, honest, reasonable prices.>br>

Samantha A.
Spoke with Bob. He said he has known Scott for a long time and the service is always good.

Kelly C.
Always fast and friendly service! Taylors has been my go to place for any vehicle problems and maintenance. Very reasonable prices. A business you can trust!

Jim P.
Jim said this business provides satisfactory service. They did everything they were supposed to do.

Donna C.
They do great work, gets you in fast when you need work done and they care about their customers.

Kim W.
We have been dealing with Taylor's for years. Great honest & affordable service.

John Mark E.
They got the job done well and within a very short timeframe as I was about to leave on a 1500 mile road trip.

Ashley K.
Ashley said she was in and out in a couple of hours.

Kayleigh said this business did a good job.

Ken S.
Ken said the business is top of the line. He has had no issues. They gave him a great appointment time, did everything they said they were going to do and he is very satisfied.

Anthony C.
Anthony said the business provides fast service.

Allen H.
Scott is a great mechanic and cordial person and his service rates are very fair.

Chris S.
Thank you Scott for always being there and for delivering good timely service.

Phil S.
Kim & Scott Taylor are always accomadating to our auto needs. Our family has been dealing with them for over 15 years and found them to be sincere and reliable with competitive and fair prices.

Orsbie W.
Orsbie said the service at the business is very good.

Don V.
Great service, very knowledgeable, very personable

Brenda T.
Scott is always willing to work around my schedule .Goes the extra mile to help me in any way that he can .I am well satisfied with his work.

Allen C.
Allen said he knows the family of this business. He stated they treat him well, call as soon as the vehicle is done and he can drop off, or pick up his vehicle after hours with no problems. He mentioned the service was good and its close to his home.

Tom B.
Scott and Kim made certain the work was done quickly and we were called as soon as it was done. As always they were friendly and the price was more than fair. Tom & Connie Berg

Ed C.
Quality work and at a good price. Can not ask for more

Shirley C.
Close to home, cares about customer and their needs. Does not overcharge/charge for unnecessary service. Very trustworthy.

Brenda B.
Very happy with the service .

Linda S.
First year of quick and painless inspection!!! So happy! Thanks oagain!

Paul M.
Paul said the business is a great place.

Myrtle W.
Myrtle said she likes the business because they were good to her and the repairs were done correctly. They called her when the work was done and they were also outstanding.

Mel F.
Mel said this business does good work.

Jim H.
Jim said they seem very straightforward and honest in dealing with them. The business is prompt, a family operation and he likes them.

Doug S.
Doug said the business is the only one he conducts business with.

Oliver K.
Spoke with Ruth. She said Mr. Taylor has always done a good job for them and his prices are very good.

Eddie W.
very good work , have told others to go there.

Bill H.
Bill said this business fixes things he did not know were broken.

Stephen S.
Stephen said they are friendly. They get the work done and they do not find things that do not need to be fixed.

Becky F.
I am very happy with the recent work done on my Subaru. It went in for an overheating problem, and Taylor's were able to take care of that, plus two other issues while it was there, quickly and at a very good price.

George F.
Excellent mechanic, ethical and honest

Carol S.
I have moved from the Delta area but will continue to bring my car to Scott. I trust his work.

Frank F.
Frank said the business does good work.

David W.
Spoke with Kathy. She said they were prompt, courteous and very friendly.

Christopher N.
Spoke with Candy. She said they did a great job.

Dick F.
Dick said this business is honest, quick and they do all kinds of work.

Sharon Z.
I would recommend this business to family and friends.

James M.
James said the business gives him top notch service along with a thorough inspection.

Roy S.
I have always been impressed with Taylor's excellent customer service.

Stephen H.
I have confidence that Scott Taylor will give me the best service in the area. Integrity and honesty are his trademark

Sarah H.
Sarah said they're very good, she likes their service and the quality of their work.

Mike C.
Quality work in a timely fashion

Brenda T.
Scott is always willing to work around my schedule.

Jeff H.
Jeff said he was very satisfied with the service performed by this business.

Ed C.
The service is excellent. It is done on time, at a good price and great workmanship.

Lauren P.
Got my state inspection and emmisions done. Super quick and nice! 1000000 times better then the dealer im stuck taking my car to for regular maintenance

Ben W.
Great work as always, best garage around

Billy B.
Fast, just what you need and no "add ons". Great communication as well.

Fred S.
Spoke with Marthal. She said they do a great a job and the communication is great.

Bob F.
Bob said the service is good at this business.

Derek R.
Derek said the business has always been good.

Marlin R.
Does a good job and what you ask to be done.

Rich C.
Rich said Scott, the owner, was very honest. His work was good and the prices were also reasonable.

Barb L.
Barb said the business is very good. She likes them and she would recommend them.

Bob J.
Bob said he has been dealing with the business for a long time and would definitely recommend them.

Jarred B.
Jarred said this business provided good service.

Kelly C.
Fast great ands friendly service! They r always wonderful to me!

Jeff M.
My Explorer is now driving smooth and quiet, so much better after all of the growling noise of a bad front wheel bearing was corrected.

Jeff W.
Jeff said he would not go anywhere else for service.

William A.
William said this business does wonderful work, treats him fine and provides transportation.

Ron L.
Taylor's does a fantastic job. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy without charging outrageous prices.

Donna C.
Taylor's Service Center always does a fantastic job. They've been servicing my vehicles since I moved to Delta 30 years ago

Tracy A.
I bought a used truck from Bob Bell in fallston and had issues. They wouldn't warrant what they had said and wanted an astronomical price for repairs. Scott and his team did quality work for half the price bob bell wanted. Thanks so much guys.

Jimmie W.
Spoke with Jaime. He said this business did very well, they were fair and quick.

Bob S.
Bob said this business was true to their word with the service they provided for his vehicle.

Ed C.
Spoke with Grace. She said the business does a very good job.

John K.
Spoke with Melinda. She said this business provided good service.

Charlotte N.
Charlotte said she thinks they do a wonderful job.

Dave B.
Dave said they are good people.

Ben W.
The owner is hands on and very knowledgeable, I trust his insights and expertise absolutely

Jen H.
Jen said this business was on time and provided good service. She found them to be good people to work with.

Judy K.
Judy said this business serviced her vehicle and she didn't have to wait long. The price was good and it was a nice experience.

Eugene S.
Eugene said everything was great regarding the business.

Bob S.
Bob said this business has been providing him with timely service for years.

Mike K.
Mike said this business did a good job.

Jim G.
fast friendly service, quick turnaround, reasonable prices.

Sandra H.
Sandra said she think this business is the best.

Tom N.
Tom said the business provided great service and they were efficient.

Carter S.
Easy to schedule, quick to complete requested work reasonable price! I'm very satisfied, as I always am!

Mark F.
Mark said this business is very punctual. He has found them to be good with making appointments and getting the work done in a day.

Pete K.
Pete said he did not have any issues.

Jim P.
Jim said this business provided great friendly service.

Bill G.
Spoke with Dalynn. She said the employees at this business are good and came and picked her vehicle up from her residence.

Judy W.
Judy said she was very satisfied with the work the employees at this business have provided her. She would absolutely recommend them.

Robert H.
Robert said this business is excellent.

Bill A.
Bill said this business provided good service.

Josh A.
Josh said the service was quick and good at this business.

Christa C.
Our cars receive great care, and the price doesn't break the bank.

Lindsay N.
Was able to get in for a state inspection the next day after calling. Once I got there they had me in and out as quickly as possible. Very polite and helpful!

Allison K.
Allison said this business was nice and they got the job done.

Oliver K.
Oliver said this business service and all is the best.

Sylvia T.
Sylvia said this business is the best. They treat her wonderfully, like gold.

Mel F.
Spoke with Elizabeth. She said this business is very thorough with their service and she loves going there.

Stephen S.
Stephen said they did a pretty good job and they did not charge a lot.

Tj A.
TJ said he really appreciated how this business' service was really good and quick. They got him in and out in a timely fashion.

Ed C.
We droped our truck off because we had a major problem with the brakes. They promptly fixed the breaks at a resonable price. Thank you, Taylor's.

Romaine H.
Romaine said her vehicle is running well now.

Arlene F.
Arlene said this business was sure to follow up with her during the entire service process. They kept her informed and they completed her vehicle in a reasonable amount of time.

Bob H.
My service center for years.

Glenn S.
Great job, Scott and crew. The F150 runs much better and the brakes work like like a dream - so much better! Thanks a lot for the help? Glenn & Bonnie Stevens, Shrewsbury.

Mike R.
Mike said this business always gets his vehicle in for an appointment in a reasonable time frame. They are prompt, courteous and the prices are fair. They do a super job.

Betty S.
Betty said they provided very good service.

Tracy A.
Tracy said they did a great job.

Tom B.
Once again we received excellent service from Scott. Our truck wouldn't start, so they came , worked on it, diagnosed the problem, towed it back to the station and within a day we had the truck back with a new starter at a fair price. Thanks!

Tawni B.
Tawni said this business did a good job.

Ron L.
My car was scheduled for an inspection but another problem came up before taking it in. Scott had no problem doing the extra work that was needed.

Donna C.
My brakes went out on my car. I was able to take my car in on the day I called. My brakes were fixed AND I got the oil changed all in one day. They go that extra mile to take care of their customers!!!

Tom B.
As always, Kim and Scott are able to schedule the job, complete it on time at a fair price. Scott even reminded us, when we asked him to do the regular servicing, that it did not have to be done for some time!

Ray S.
I forgot my coupon haha

Beth M.
Beth said they always fix what she needs to have fixed.

Sandra B.
Sandra said they are an awesome business.

Carter S.
Scott and Kim continue to provide excellent and timely service in a pleasant atmosphere. Glad their business is so convenient!

William A.
William said he has known the business for a long time and they are good. He can drop his vehicle off with them and he would not have to worry about it. They are local and fair.

Lindsay N.
Very flexible with scheduling. Honest. Did a great and quick job inspecting my car.

Bill H.
Bill said they did a good job but it just cost too much money.

Doug S.
Doug said they have always done great work. He has been taking his vehicle in for years.

Jon S.
Jon said this business provides excellent customer service. He has dealt with them for 20 years. They always provide exceptional service. This business uses quality parts and he is happy with them. They are an asset to the community.

Crystal D.
Fast and reliable service!!

Paul S.
Paul said he had no problems and they seemed up front and honest.

Sylvia T.
Sylvia said that this business is truly the best. They treat her like gold and do what her vehicle needs. She recommends them to each and every family member.

Ken M.
Ken said this business has always been good to him. They have never treated him wrong.

Nora C.
The service is very good. Every effort is made to meet customer's needs.

Joanne M.
Joanne said they are great people and they give good service.

Roy S.
Scott and employees always provide efficient car care. This always goes with great customer service.

Esther K.
I truly appreciate that my vehicles are picked up and delivered back home, especially since I have no one else to help. Thank you very much Scott & Kim Taylor.

Mark H.
Mark said they always give good service and has with this business for a long time.

Eric K.
Eric said this business is the best. They are communicative and have fair prices.

Doug M.
Spoke with Susan. She said Taylor is reliable and this business is well priced. They take their work personally.

Gilbert S.
Have been doing business with Scott for years. Can always count on quality work at a fair price.

Jean R.
Jean said she has been going to the business for 30 years now. The service is good and they treat her well.

Doug G.
Spoke with Ashley. She said they have always done a good job on the vehicle.

Allen H.
Scott is such a great mechanic who goes beyond the normal servicing. He is honest and fair in his charges. I am glad Delta has such a capable and nice person.

Fred J.
Fred said this business has a tremendous staff. They are kind, nice and do a good job.

Deborah G.
trustworthy is a rare find. Scott is that find

Mary K.
Mary said the business has excellent service and she trusts them.

Ron L.
I can always count on Scott, Kim and associates for a job well done.

Ed C.
they go over and beyond in their service. my Jeep was ready when they said and working great. They know what they are doing. Thank you, Scott for helping us get home.

Heather W.
Spoke with Jason. He said everyone was polite at the facility the work was done quickly. They kept the vehicle clean while it was being worked on and the service was great.

Cole K.
Cole said his vehicle runs better now and the service was for a fair price.

Sylvia T.
Sylvia said she trusts the business 100 percent. They are nice and treated her very well.

Richard C.
Richard said he had a headlight out and he procrastinated getting it fixed. He showed up in the middle of the day to request an appointment. They told him they could get him in on Thursday for an appointment or they could change the light that day if he had time. He has been to this business three times and his experiences have always been great. The prices and work are good.

Susan J.
Good communication, Fair prices, Prompt & friendly service

Donna C.
Taylor's has been working on our vehicles since we moved to Delta almost 30 years. The service has always been great. Scott, Kim and their employees have always been a pleasure to work with.

Kim W.
Kim said she can always get in when she needs service. They are family friends and very accommodating.

Ron P.
Scott has plenty of experience and always seems to know what your car needs, but never pushes anything unnecessary. He has also stayed up with newer technology.

Chance J.
Chance said he called the business for his vehicle to get inspected. They had the vehicle in and done to pick up in the same day. He said they get straight to the point.

Mike K.
Spoke with Sharon. She said they are always available when they need service. They are quick.

Winnie S.
Winnie said this business was nice, friendly, good and finished quickly.

Carol S.
Scot has fair rates. I know the work will be done correctly.

Chad K.
Very knowledgable and experienced mechanics who get the job done right the first time !

Brian S.
Great service! Very trustworthy mechanic that will review with you what your car or truck needs to be serviced correctly before doing all the work. Secretary is great, very professional. All work competed in a timely manner. Great prices. Would not take my cars anywhere else!

Linda S.
Had car inspection done and needed brakes, Taylor's took care of it that same morning and my car was on the road by noon!!! Great service. We are always more than satisfied and recommend them to everyone. Thanks again.

Tom B.
Quick, complete , accurate diagnosis and inspection. Oral summary at time of pick up.

Bob H.
Always keeps you informed on the progress of work on your car/truck.

 Don V.
Honest, knowledgeable, considerate and convient

Carter S.
Good, dependable service. Even removed a screw from a tire that I didn't know about when I brought the vehicle in!

Glenn S.
The best automobile repair shop!

Kelly C.
Taylors has always given me fast and dependable service. They are honest and always get the job done fast. I took my car to kings auto for an oil change and paid 30 extra dollars plus they never turned my oil light off...taylors always does the job right.

John V.
Spoke with Lydia. She said that she has never had a problem with this business and she is very pleased with them.

Bill D.
Bill said he was pleased with the business' service.

Carolyn B.
Carolyn said they provide excellent service.

Bob S.
Bob said he has been going there for years. He has always been there for him.

Charlie S.
Charlie said the business does a good job and they are dependable. They always do what they say they will do.

John K.
Spoke with John's wife. She said she has been going to this business for 25 years and they always provide good service.

Debbie S.
It is so nice to have a place to take your vehicle where you know they are honest, responsible and give you excellent service.

Everett L.
Everett said the business did everything correctly, they finished in a timely manner, and the price was right.

Roy S.
Scott and the employees of Taylor's have always been customer service oriented.

Derek R.
Derek said he has never had an issue with Scott.

Sam E.
Friendly mechanics, personable owner, flexible payment methods.

Rebecca B.
Rebecca said the business does very good work and they have proven themselves to her. They are very courteous and convenient.

Richard I.
Richard said the business always fixes his vehicles, they are always fair and he can trust them.

Matt S.
Matt said they are a one vehicle family and when that vehicle started over heating, it was problematic. He had just gotten out of the hospital when it was necessary to take their vehicle to the business. The business was extremely busy that day but they were able to determine the issue was the water pump. They were able to obtain the part and replace the pump as well as deliver the vehicle to him. He said they provide exemplary service.

Ken J.
Ken said this business has good service. They got him in without notice.

Kevin E.
Scott Taylor at Taylor's Service Center is an excellent, honest and trustworthy mechanic. My husband and I have been taking our vehicles to Taylors for as long as we've lived in Delta. Scott completes the service in an efficient manner and has always been straightforward with us. His honesty and thorough knowledge of our vehicles is why we are loyal customers.

Donna C.
I love dealing with Kim and Scott. They do very reliable work, usually within a few days of when you call for an appointment and the pricing is very reasonable.

Jimmie W.
Jimmie said this facility is very good. They are dependable and the work is done quickly.

Lauren P.
Same day service, got my state inspection done. Super reasonable price and done in 2 hours!

Charlie S.
Charlie said this business has always treated him well.

Mark H.
Great service as usual.

Wilma H.
Wilma said she has been going to the business for 30 years. They always take good care of her vehicle and talk with her before going forward with any repairs.

Walt V.
Walt said the business did good work for him.

Angela B.
Angela said they did a great job. They did not try to overcharge her. She thinks they are very honest.

Hope B.
Hope said the business works her in and takes care of the issues with her vehicle. The service was good.

Mary K.
Mary said this business did the repairs in a timely manner.

Joanne M.
Joanne said they are just excellent people and mechanics. They were super kind. She needed work done and they were able to get her in and out the same day, which she appreciated.

Renee F.
Renee said the business is always able to fit her in when she needs service and they give good service.

Doug M.
Doug said the business is prompt and friendly.

David D.
Spoke with Roxanne. She said the business always does a good job. The prices are reasonable and they always find time to fit her in.

Kevin A.
Kevin said the business provided good service with no problems.

Carter S.
Carter said the business took good care of his vehicle.

Rich C.
Rich said the business' prices are reasonable and they do good work.

Donald J.
Spoke with David. He said the service was great.

Oliver K.
Oliver said he likes the service they provide.

Gilbert S.
Gilbert said this business takes good care of him every time he goes there.

Everett L.
Everett said they were prompt, did good work, and were courteous.

Lou H.
Lou said he has never received bad service from this facility.

Lisa K.
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark H.
Courteous GREAT JOB

Lisa K.

Lisa K.
fast , friendly service

Lisa K.

Tim G.
Excellent service - always!

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